Heat Proofing

Heat proofing

It is a matchless heat proof compound which wonderfully works on masonry surface. It stops heat penetration and keeps cool by reflecting more than 90% heat of the sun from surface Engineerplus HPC-99 Is a heat reflective and insulation cooling tiles for roof which will reduce the heating effect of the buildings, save significant energy and adds on maintenance savings.?

Cost of this heatproof coating with HPC99 would cost you around INR 40/- to INR 55/- per sqft depending on your location in India and also depending on the surface on which it is applied. For more details and exact pricing you can feel free to connect with our expert team locally. 

Heat proofing with HPC99 is a system developed by the company since 2006 while they developed the product HPC99 and also won a national award for the same. 

Heatproof coating is a 4 layer direct coating of Engineer Plus HPC99. This application can be done on terrace / water tanks / path-ways inside temples / and many other places.

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