Engineer Plus TR WPC-99

Tr. WPC-99 Acrylic Polymer based Transparent Engineer Plus Tr. WPC-99 is having excellent optical clarity, colour stability and exceptional weather ability. The Dried thin film is hard , tough, and brasion resistance.

Physical Data :

  • Appearance : Solvent based Transport liquid
  • Solid content: 25 + .05%
  • PH as packed: 4.5 + 0.25%
  • MF FT: 2°C

Technical Details



Multiple Advantages

  1. Easy application and convenient cleanup make acrylic system attractive both esthetically and economically.
  2. Acrylic based system has excellent shelf stability even when stored for long periods.
  3. It is non staining can be used on wood bricks , concrete, marble or any other commonly used building materials without danger of discoloring the substrate,