Engineer Plus WAC-99

WAC-99 is a highly Concentrated multipurpose Latex Emulsion based liquid modifier useful as an additive for concrete mortars in repair/Water proofing application as well as protective coating to cementious substances.


Physical Data :

  • AppearanceĀ : milky white
  • Base: modified polymer
  • State: liquid Emulsion
  • pH: 8 to 9
  • Solid Content: 50 + 2 %
  • specific Gravity: 1.1

Technical Details



Multiple Advantages

  1. Produces high compressive flexural and tensile strength for durable repairs.
  2. White brushable liquid.
  3. Useful as bonding agent for old and new concrete.
  4. Useful as an additive to water proofing mortars/concrete.
  5. Excellent as a protective coat cementitous substances.
  6. Antimicrobial prevent fungal & bacterial growth economical in application.
  7. Highly elastomeric and crack bridging characteristics.
  8. Prevent corrosion
  9. Very low water absorption.
  10. Excellent barrier to carbon dioxide , chloride, sulphate & nitrates icons, for carbonation resistance coating for protection of concrete subject to adverse climatic condition .