Kindly read the rules to be followed to claim the warranty.

Alok waterproofing Co. (referred to as “Company” and official marketing company of ICO Ltd. for ding application of the products which belongs to their registered brand Engineer Plus) offers upto 10 Years Warranty* from date of application, of different products. 

There are two types of warranty available and they are as follows. 

1. Material Warranty and Application Warranty. Material Warranty will be applicable in case of only Material Purchase from the company or its channel partners by providing complete details about the requirement of waterproofing or epoxy or paint and the material purchased shall be as per the standards defined by company for each particular application and the application is done as per the company standards as mentioned in the application manual available online for every different application. 

2. Application Warranty can be available only if the application is done through the company. No application will be provided to any client in case of application is executed by any contractor other than the company itself. 

All the general terms and conditions for the above warranties will be shared with you along with the warranty certificate after the completion of your job in your registered email ID and as per the warranty application received by us by filling the form available on this page. 

For applying any kind of warranty for customized waterproofing application kindly connect with the company representative before you process any application job. All the terms related to the warranty of customized waterproofing JOB will be mentioned in your digital warranty certificate which you shall receive from the company on your official mail ID.

Any further terms related to any of our application not mentioned here in above will be mentioned on the certificate of warranty issued for respective application carried out. All the warranty claims will be attended by the company within 7 to 10 working days from the date of claim and the procedure of repair / rehabilitation falling under warranty will be carried out by the companies authorized working partner only within the stipulated time given to you by the company during the time of claim.