About us

We, at Indore Colour Organics Ltd. believe in global harmony through happy living. We aim to save properties worth  billions of rupees from water leakages problems as water ruins more properties than any destruction due to natural disaster or war.

It is our constant endeavor to develop water proofing chemicals and educate people on our product features to serve maintenance free dwelling on years to come. For this we shall constantly conduct qualitative improve our Quality Management System with inputs in improving human relations, packing, managerial and administrative efficiency and much more.

To develop range of products in the same family giving wide application base for all type of customers To ensure quality at all stage To enhance marketing all over India and abroad To encourage training of applicators so that they can generate independent employment R&D Department (Laboratory) We have pleasure to established a fully equipped, centrally air condition state of the art, advanced & high tech, totally computerized laboratory in the heart of Indore city It is first laboratory in central India which are giving services for water permeability testing of cement, concrete mortar and much more.

Team behind the scean