Honorary Advisory Board of Engineer Plus

Honorary advisory board is formed by the company for not only supporting the new developments and advise but also to work towards the betterment of the industry. Supporting the waterproofing industry which is known as the unorganized sector till date we are trying to be instrumental in supporting the people and institutions by creating some knowledge sharing platforms. The first digital platform which we have created for the benefit of industry is called "Happy hours with Engineer Plus". It is a talk show which will be aired on our You tube Channel where we shall be sharing knowledge through some of the best industry professionals about issues / technical details / growth factors / problems / latest technology / etc. on waterproofing. This Honorary Advisory Board Panel is to support our initiative for the betterment of industry. 


Primary motive of the company by forming this Honorary Advisory Board is to support the industry with various platforms to learn, inspire and grow. Approach of every board member would be community driven and for the benefit of construction community. 


Different platforms like Talk Shows, Open Discussion forums, Skill development programs, adoption of technology, etc. would be developed with the support of board members. These platforms will be aired on various social media platforms. 

Areas of focus

Areas of focus related to waterproofing would be addressed in various platforms are like issues faced construction, new trends, latest product innovations, latest application system, new technology, customer problems during repair and rehabilitation, etc. 

Advisory Board Members

Architect Pradyot Biswas 


Advisory Board Member – Engineer Plus

City – Mumbai