4 Layer with Flexi Coat Black Membrane

FLEXI COAT BLACK (4 Layer sandwich waterproof coating) Engineer Plus Flexi Coat is Cold applied liquid, waterproofing membrane, specially designed from a blend of special resin and rubber reinforced with special water repelling fillers, minerals, stabilizers and gelling agent.  Application of this Flexi Coat black membrane is one of the best waterproofing solutions for any … Read more

The Best Terrace Waterproofing Method and their Benefits

Terrace Waterproofing is a mandatory requirement for any building structure. It has been noticed that some builders/Contractors try & avoid Waterproofing believing that their concrete is good enough to stop water penetration which is a myth. There comes the need for Waterproofing. What if not waterproofing? Terrace Waterproofing can be done only at the structural … Read more

Introduces a revolutionary product “Engineer Plus Aquasil-99”

Engineer Plus, the construction and waterproofing expert, introduces a revolutionary product“Engineer Plus Aquasil-99”, to resolve the issues of water leakage across the surface of structure and offers superior quality which results in increased life-span of a building. Aquasil -99 molecules are very small when applied to the surface, penetrate deeply even to pores of 5-10 … Read more

The rapid boom in the construction industry

Engineer Plus isan ultimate tonic that enhances the efficiency of terrace waterproofing The rapid boom in the construction industry, has tremendously given rise to the demand of good quality terrace waterproofing in many parts of India. Engineer Plus, the construction and waterproofing expert, has very revolutionary product with long durability and very efficiency, to resolve … Read more