Engineer Plus, the construction and waterproofing expert, introduces a revolutionary product“Engineer Plus Aquasil-99”, to resolve the issues of water leakage across the surface of structure and offers superior quality which results in increased life-span of a building.

Aquasil -99 molecules are very small when applied to the surface, penetrate deeply even to pores of 5-10 nanometres. They react with the substrate themselves to provide durability. When cured they allow water vapoursto pass while preventing liquid water from passing to the substrate.

The benefits of Engineer Plus Aquasil-99 are, Water Repellent Property maintained for years (20+years), Breathable Coating allows water vapour to pass, Novel Bacteria Based Self-Repairing Nanotechnology of waterproofing, and Easy to apply.

The main purpose of that product is to be treated surface turns hydrophobic and no longer allows to penetrate water into cracks. It cannot be wetted by water.It increases strength, durability and workability of the crushedstructure and most importantly waterproofs concrete the whole structure. It’s plasticizing properties makes mortar cohesive and prevents segregation which gives it excellent adhesion to the surface .It improves the integral waterproofing properties of cement, concrete & plasters, resulting in longer life of the building.

Mr. Alok Bhandari, Director of Engineer Plus said, “Our endeavour has always been to delight stakeholders with innovative and relevant technology while also being true to the environment. Our aim is to offer to construction industry an innovative solution that will help in building a long-standing structure. It is a specially formulated product, specifically designed to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. We at Engineer Plus will continue to innovate and offer products that are beneficial for both the construction industry and the end-consumer.

EngineerPlus has seven layers permanent and guaranteed waterproofing solution in India. Weather conditions affects durability of any structure including the impact of excessive heat, humidity, rain, in addition to a number of other external factors. As a result water leak problems are rapidly increases on terrace, walls and others parts across the surface .But EngineerPlus take care of all types of water seepage problem and have best waterproofing solutions under good quality waterproofing materials.

We at Engineer Plus have the right solution to combat the leakage and dampness issues. We urge consumers to choose the right product to permanent and guaranteed waterproofing.