Engineer Plus CAM-101

CAM-90 is triple action unique composition of Organic & Inorganic chemicals. Specially formulated for integral self waterproofing, free flow concrete, to resist growth of micro-organisms and fungus. For effective waterproofing to fill up capillaries in concrete and masonry work. Water reducer and plasticizer cement concrete to manufacture precast concrete elements, cantirileves, structure pretressed concrete, tiles etc. CAM-90.ensures substantial saving in cement, water, time, labour, cost etc. Long life of steel reinforcement is also considerably enhanced.

Physical Data :

  • Form: Free flow liquid
  • Colour: Radish Pink
  • PH: 8-9
  • Solubility: Water Soluble
  • Specific gravity: 1.01

Technical Details



Multiple Advantages

  1. Ensure homogeneous and consistent mortar mix with no risk of segregation.
  2. Due to fast wetting of cement particles lumps are not formed and the cohesive mix ensures compact mass formation thereby increasing strength of the concrete.
  3. Long lasting control of slump loss.
  4. Increases workability and finish without raising water.
  5. Good green stability with increased durability and lower water pick up of concrete.
  6. Reduces cracks and shrinkages in cement concrete making the concrete impermeable.
  7. Resists frost and prevents efflorescence.
  8. Prevents water condensation on interior walls by allowing normal breathing of concrete.
  9. The life of steel reinforcement increases due to negligible chlorides & sulphates in the product.
  10. Concrete structure becomes more dependable due to lower permeability and extra strength at an early stage.
  11. It allows early removal of form work due to early gain of strength and give high mechanical properties to the production of concrete elements. Safe ecofriendly, hygienic and powerful antifungal, antimicrobial.