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Weather Proofing

Engineer Plus Waterproofing & Heat Proofing System is designed and Developed to protect your construction from scotching heat and heavy rain fall. We call it weather proofing this weather proofing technology provides you waterproofing and heat proofing benefits in single system.?>


7 Layer Waterproofing System

1. Clean the surface by rubbing with wire brush to remove dust, and other.

2. Wash with clean water.

3. Apply 1st coating of Engineer Plus Aquasil99, Aquaprime99 & water.

4. Apply 2nd &3rd coating of Engineer plus WAC-99 & Engineer plus ICS-99, cement with Fiber mash.

5. Apply 4th & 5th coating of Engineer Plus WAC-99 & Engineer Plus ICS-99with cement (Highly crack resistant coating).

6.  Apply final 6th & 7th Coat with Engineer Plus WPC-99 , & Engineer Plus Aquasil-99..

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