Asli Waterproofing Kit

Engineer Plus “Asli waterproofing Kit” is been introduced by the brand for doing the sample application within the area of 50 Sqft. This kit is available for 2 different application variants i.e. Engineer Plus 7 Layer Waterproofing System. Any one can use this kit for doing sample application process of the above mentioned 2 different applications, but it is mandatory to get in depth knowledge about the application process through our training videos or our application manual which can be downloaded from download section of this website.

Application details of Asli Kit

Before using the Asli waterproofing kit we request you to kindly go through the official Application Manual for the respective application process for which you have bought the Asli waterproofing Kit. You can download the complete Application manual below. 

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Application Video

7 Layer Waterproofing System

Areas of Application

  • Old Terrace with Surface like Concrete / Tiles / Metal / Cement Sheet / China Mosiac / etc.
  • New Terrace with Concrete Surface (Substitute of Brick Bat Coba) 
  • Dead Walls on New / Old Buildings 
  • Side walls on Old Buildings.
  • Other roofs with Metal / Cement Sheet Surface.