Engineer Plus Aquaprime-99

Aquaprime- 99 TM plays major role in facade coating system . It forms a dry water repellent zone beneath the coating consolidate the substrate and enhance bonding of the coating . It is gas permeable, durable, protects paints & plasters against harmful influences form within the masonry

Physical Data :

  • Product: Aquaprime-99TM
  • Physical form: Milky white free flow liquid
  • Odour: low characteristic
  • Specific gravity: 1.03+.02
  • Solids: 35 %+1%
  • PH: 7-9
  • Solubility: readily soluble in water
  • Surface drying: 5 minutes
  • Solubility after drying: fully stable not soluble in water

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Multiple Advantages

  1. Fast drying, excellent adhesion to most building materials &no need to cure.
  2. Increase in durability & toughness of concrete.
  3. Increase flexural and bond strength of concrete.
  4. Forms a very tough bond with substrate having good permeability rating.
  5. High scrub & impact resistance.
  6. Excellent elastomeric and crack bridging capability.
  7. Good weathering characteristics.
  8. No water absorption, withstanding hydrostatic pressure.
  9. Not susceptible to alkali degradation. Resistance to high alkali,sulfates and salts.
  10. Good colour retention. High resistance to stain, dirt pickup & UV.
  11. Breathable coating, allows vapor transmission.