PU-7 Waterproof Coating

Swimming Pool

Water Tank

About the application.

Engineer Plus PU-7 Waterproof Coating series is first of its kind in India. It is been introduced by the company for the people who would love to have the best in class quality application with long lasting effect. This is a 7 layer system which includes food grade PU Coating along with Polymer Coatings and a Hydrophobic Chemicals. This system comes with upto 5 year on site warranty and also been executed by the expert working partners of the company across India. To know more about this system you can feel free to join us for a coffee. 

Pricing of this 7 layer system differs in different cities across India. But still to get an rough idea, cost of this 7 layer Make-up system ranges around 175/-* Per Sqft. You can connect with our local team in your city for getting more accurate rate for your project.  

Kindly download the complete application Manual