Engineer Plus Aquasil-99

Aquasil -99 molecules are very small when applied to the surface, penetrate deeply even to pores of 5-10 nanometers. They react with the substrate themselves to provide durability. When cured they allow water vapors to pass while preventing liquid water from passing to the substrate.

Physical Data :

  • Colour: Slightly radish brown.
  • PH: 12-14
  • Solid: 35%
  • Solubility: Readily Soluble in water.
  • Surface Drying: 5 minutes
  • Solubility after drying: fully stable not soluble in water

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Multiple Advantages

  1. Novel Bacteria Based self-Repairing Nanotechnology of waterproofing.
  2. Easy to apply, economical, water repellent property maintained for years (20+years.)
  3. Breathable coating allows water vapour to pass. Keeps substrate dry. No detoriation occurs.
  4. The treated surface turns hydrophobic and no longer allows to penetrate water into cracks. It cannot be wetted by water.
  5. Reduces thermal conductivity.
  6. Through capillaries drastic reduction in water uptake.
  7. Resistant to Abrasion, Thermal, UV.
  8. Environment friendly.